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Client Testimonials

Float Tank Bath


“As you get in, you’ll instantly notice the Epsom salts pushing you to the top of the water. This creates the feeling of weightlessness which takes all of the stress away from pressure points on the body. As someone who works full time at a desk all day and carries heavy camera equipment around when on shoots, my back takes a beating, so this was a major relief for me from the tension and pain in my back. Believe me when I say it was one of the most peaceful experiences I’ve ever had. It allowed me to shutoff from...well… everything!

This was one of the most unique and amazing experiences I’ve had. Not only from a physical health perspective but also a mental health perspective. Without a doubt, I’ll definitely be going back”

Ellis Reed

“Today I had a session at The POD in Bath. Well I was apprehensive but excited. When I arrived, I was soon put at ease by James and enjoyed a pre float relaxing time in the chill out room. When I got into the POD I soon realised how silky my skin felt. I got into position and the lights and music went off. It was complete darkness BUT OMG what an experience. I felt I was only in there for a short time. It was so relaxing. My mind completely blanked out all thoughts of daily life. I was floating and it felt like the outside world and all the stress had left my body and mind.”

Donna Miles

“Alfie floats!!! I really wasn’t sure how this would work for Alf but he absolutely loved his hour+ in the float tank and didn’t want to get out. He said that he felt really light in his body when he did eventually get out and that it was ‘the most relaxing thing he has ever done!’ seeing him loving it and his body float effortlessly was incredibly rewarding and I’m convinced that it will do his muscles the world of good.”

Alex Fielden Cook – Dad to Alfie Fielden Cook (11 years old – suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy)


“Absolutely amazing experience. I suffer from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and it affects my joints, I came out of this feeling fantastic and it has already relieved so much and its only been a few hours. Felt very relaxed and I wouldn’t say it was claustrophobic at all the staff were lovely and welcoming. I cannot wait to go back.”

Maya Birch


“I would definitely recommend The POD. For someone who struggles to ‘switch off’ I really enjoyed the new experience and felt so calm and relaxed after.”

Pat MacDonald


“Being a new Mum, I jumped at the opportunity to experience a float in The POD. I was hoping for some relaxation and an experience that would leave me feeling calm and rejuvenated. It didn’t disappoint. It took a few minutes to fully relax into position as it was so different to anything I had ever experienced; but I soon felt really comfortable and it wasn’t long before I actually fell asleep! The whole experience was lovely – the relaxation room at the start, the shower facilities and the chance to float for an hour. I felt really calm for the rest of the evening, with my body ache-free. Definitely something I will do again."

Laura MacDonald


“Beneficial for any athlete looking to recover from the rigours of training and preparation for upcoming events.”

Nad Narimani

“The whole process was relaxing and refreshing, from the calming atmosphere of the pre float room to the experience itself. After the float I came out feeling clearer and re-energised. Its well worth a try.”

Robin Lett


“Really enjoyed The POD today I think its going to be very beneficial to help me prepare for upcoming fights.”

Grant Ogbourne (MMA Fighter)


“Recovery smashed, both mental and physical. Sensory deprivation is something I’m new to but absolutely loving it! I’m very much looking forward to my next one!”

Chris Cook (Bath Rugby)

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