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The Pod - Bath's Unique
Floatation Tank Spa

‘One of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Very pleased you’re offering this for your clients and the people of Bath. Would love to revisit!’
Stuart Barnes
Professional Cricket Coach


The Experience

'Simply perfect down to the finest detail. I feel like a king!' Martin

Your Pod experience is extremely important to us, not just while you're floating but from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave us. 

Our facility allows you to walk straight in off the street and immerse yourself in what feels like a completely different world. The whole experience is completely private to give you the very best results from your float. Please note we have one float tank which is an individual experience. If you would like to come with your partner or friend please get in contact as we offer combinations with our other services. 

'After an incredibly intense and stressful phase of my life, this was much needed chill time. Thank you!' Karen

'Perfect environment to practice un-guided meditation. Helped me process some grief and feel closer to a lost friend. Thank you.' Matt

'Loved the float tank experience. Unique and very relaxing. Great facilities and high quality!' Sam

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