Results Body+Mind is the health & wellness service built for you.

We will guide you on your path to a happier & healthier life with real, lasting results.

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Our Ethos

We believe in the importance of an all-round approach when it comes to a person’s health. We provide a range of services aimed at both the body + mind as well as looking to educate our clients on how to maintain your results in the long term.

Our facility and services are inclusive to all and provide a structured, realistic and evidence-based approach on finding solutions to help you improve your physical and mental health.

We pride ourselves on building trusting and lasting relationships with all our clients to maximize results as well giving you a great experience every time you visit.

Floatation Therapy Bath

Floatation Therapy

Sensory deprivation experience which has many health benefits from clearing the mind to improving concentration and focus. Take time to yourself to re-charge, visualise relax and enjoy the feeling of doing nothing in our state of the art floatation tank.

Personal Training Bath

Lifestyle Coaching

Our lifestyle coaches work with you  in order to find the best solution for your long-term health. We'll help you improve your overall well-being so that you feel energised and motivated.

Fitness Training Bath

Goal Based Fitness Coaching

Our personal trainers work to help you achieve your desired result, whatever that may be. Bespoke coaching means that we are able to find the best route to the end goal.