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Pulsio Compression includes a state-of-the-art air pressure compression technology up to 200 mmHg, delivering relief along four adjustable chambers from feet to thigh.

Featuring an intuitive visual display, you'll have complete control of your therapy session. Integrated intelligent pressure sensor technology ensures pressure is applied safely and evenly across all four chambers. 

Create, Revive + Connect in a tailored environment in which we will deliver a truly amazing experience leaving you with lasting results. Pair with our Recover service (Ice Bath & Infrared Sauna) for the ultimate Reboot.


The Experience

During your session you will experience a feeling similar to a lower body massage, encouraging you to completely relax. You have the option to work, watch, listen or simply chat to a friend. We will also provide you with a choice of refreshments including herbal Pukka tea’s, London Nootropic Coffee or Neutonic Productivity Drinks. Pictured is our 80 inch cinema screen which you are able to use during your session.

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'They definitely assisted me as I adjust to running hills. I felt I had less lactic acid build up and didn't have that restless legs feeling.' Karen

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