Bespoke Lifestyle Coaching

Bespoke Personal Training

Our coaching service is built for you. With that in mind we do not give out set plans nor do we ignore evidence-based research.

Our coaching programmes create a strong bond between client and coach in order to reach the very best results. We want to get to know you and learn about your life. This information can help us understand you and together build the right solution to your health and wellbeing needs.

Results Based Coaching Bath

Reaching Your Goals

Whatever your goal, our personal trainers will help you achieve it. Results is an over used term in the health and fitness industry. Most people look at a physical result over anything else. At Results Body+Mind we look at the whole picture.

Bespoke coaching allows us to get to know what makes you tick. If you don’t like to train in the gym, we will work out alternatives with you, likewise if you find it hard sticking to a low-calorie diet.

Seeing you enjoy success with your long-term health is the greatest result to us as professionals.

Nutrition Advice Bath

Your Health and Wellness

Once your relationship starts to develop with your personal coach you will feel more in control of your own health and wellness.

Our passion is to educate each individual relevant to their desired long-term goal so that you are not forever dependant on us as professionals. No fads, no misinformation, no transformation packages – only bespoke built programmes for you to learn about yourself and make sure your long-term health is improved.

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Client Focused

Our fully equipped, private studio provides a spacious, welcoming and safe environment. Our clients have the option of training with their coach or on their own - just like having your own private gym!

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'My mission is to create a service and environment that is inclusive to all, caters to your individual needs and improves your mental and physical health each time you visit.'
James - Owner & Head Coach

James Campbell Coach

Client Credit Scheme

Giving you the option of flexibility. We know life gets busy and do not want you to add unwanted stress through a mundane and unrealistic programme. The credit scheme allows you to make a decision based on how you are feeling alongside what your overall goals are with advice and guidance from your coach. Your coach will be in contact at the beginning of each week to work out a flexible schedule of the services you would like to use. As a credit scheme client all of our services will be available to you at discounted rates. 

Services included on credit scheme:

  • Personal Training

  • Private Room Booking

  • Floatation Experience

  • Nutrition Coaching

  • Physiotherapy 

  • 1-1 Yoga

'I have been a client of James’s for a while now. Over the years he has helped me combat the many problems a stressful, desk bound job had caused.


The membership scheme at Results body+mind is completely client-focused and allows you to train and have treatment as and when you need or have time for. The flexibility allows me to cancel last minute (which I often have to do!) or grab a float/massage at short notice to get over a busy week.


Without James’s advice and training and this flexible approach, I hate to think of the state I would have allowed myself to get into!' Christian Eves

For further information & subscription please contact us via email using the link below or call 01225 551202