Peronsal Training Bath

Personal Training

We also offer packages for personal training sessions if you would prefer using a coach for a specific purpose.

Our coaches will build a physical training programme specific to you, your lifestyle and your goals. Lifestyle and nutrition advice will also be provided.  

Steven McCready Weightlifting


Olympic Weightlifting (often just referred to as weightlifting) is a sport made up of two separate lifts: the snatch and the clean & jerk. Athletes have 3 attempts at each lift to build a total. The total is the sum of the heaviest snatch and the heaviest clean & jerk from those attempts. It’s a brilliant and rewarding challenge, requiring focus, agility, mobility, and strength to get the most out of both lifts. Weightlifting can be a fun inclusion in even a casual exercise programme once you’ve had the chance to learn the basics.

Ruth Timms Yoga

Bespoke Yoga

The two main styles of yoga I teach are Dynamic Flow, which is a stronger and more energetic practice and Yin, which is cooling, calming and meditative. Over the years I have learned that regularly practising both ‘yang’ and ‘yin' styles brings with it a feeling of inner balance and spaciousness where you can feel both strong and flexible as well as calm and energised.

Scott Harris Kickboxing

Wutan Kickboxing

Enhance your physical & mental health and to cultivate confidence, motivation, self-worth & promote inner peace with Wutan Kickboxing.

Kickboxing is a great way to improve your speed, stamina, strength and power, as well as getting in great shape. In just one hour you can expect to burn anywhere from 400-700 calories.

With a great instructor, Scott Harris, our Kick Boxing classes have been keeping the masses of Bath on their toes for a long time now. Scott also offers small group and 1-1 sessions. 

Scott Doel Life Coach

Life Coaching

'I'm a life coach who thinks differently and challenges the norm.

I help the unfulfilled power up their life to create a future they thought was impossible!


I use decades of personal experience, research, and study to help you rapidly develop through an online 30-day group coaching program. 


The program will help you:

  • Develop Confidence

  • Discover your purpose

  • Reduce Stress and Overwhelm

  • Stop Self-Sabotage

  • Much more!

The program consists of 30 daily bite-sized overlapping lessons that build on each other combined with a live weekly group coaching and a community area. You will have lifetime access to the recordings and the community via a Facebook group. 

Alternatively 1-1 sessions can be booked. Please get in contact for more info and prices.